Saturday, May 11, 2013

If Somebody Looked.

  If Somebody Looked.

Eyes wandering around the room,
Heart searching for a sense,
Of something known.
Tell tale movements
Of the smile of kindred eyes
Bringing restoration here.

Hands laid, upon palpitating skin,
Tongue gliding towards heaven,
Where softness calms.
Bated breath holding
My attentions in this moment,
Where paradise comes.

Passion rising, untold glory arriving,
Lovers hearts will be together
Where we pass.
On and on,
The scent of you will linger,
In my memory.

Told a life of endearing love,
Under a spell of an angel
You have been.
Were it known,
My soul could yet muster more
Gratitude to her.

Hands held, walking on the light,
We would rest in divine peace,
Our hearts singing.
Something of miracles
Would be beheld in this day,
Where we met.

Waiting rewarded, for faith in love,
Given the role to be together
High on life.
Happy to be
Surrendered to being her only light,
If somebody looked.