Friday, May 17, 2013

Say Ruh...!

                 Say Ruh...!

There was noise, oh yeah...
Sonic boom drove into flesh,
Deep tore the recoil within,
And thinking so very naughtily,
Have I yet commit a sin ?

Hold me for a moment,
Take me for a month or two,
Live with me another lifetime,
Hear the love I'm pushing through.

As thunder reaches,
Across the skyline,
Peals of my heartbeat,
Wish that you'd be mine.

Torrid hope of days together,
Fill my head with passion new,
Dreams are meant to sell Nirvana,
Where I spend my life with you.

Good news for a change,
To bring my heart to ponder,
Of living life in a way,
That makes my joy much fonder.

I vote with my feet,
For less would not seem prudent,
To share love and peace with her,
For I shall be life's student.

Red the liquid fills my heart,
Her colour shades my every move,
In friendship I begin my conquest,
Where true love, I hope to prove.

Life the journey keeps unfolding,
Bringing much I have still to do,
Say ruh to help the spirits power,
And let me give my love to you...!