Monday, May 06, 2013

Of The Other Side.

      Of The Other Side.

Looking back
I now see a clue,
Something revealed,
A view that is new.
Two roads,
I had taken the one,
Avoided by
Most others who seek fun.

Choice made,
I fell and we laid,
Made love
Thinking time would not fade.
The other
I had left without a touch,
But still
I desired her so much.

Road walked
With love and with light,
We shared,
Warmth of touch every night.
Yet what
Would have been better done,
For peace,
When I'd walked upon sun?

Berlin's eyes
Hid no great secret surprise,
Yet fear
Was mine alone to disguise.
Shame became,
Something I would yet regret,
She lifted
Me, as our eyes gently met.

Decision made,
I never saw her again,
Yet strangely,
Her images in beauty remain.
So why,
Do I ponder this mystery,
Ever curious
Why I made her history?

Danger became,
What my feet chose to follow,
Spanish sunsets
Somehow letting me feel hollow.
Now alone,
I determine never to return,
To those
Doubts, teaching me how I yearn.

Lessons learned,
I move into a new gear,
Finding comfort,
Intuitive joy in my ear.
Neither one,
Wrong or a right move,
Just decision,
Giving me a chance to improve.

I'm grateful,
For this chance to review,
In He-insight
We always gain something new.
So happiness,
Can be mine once again,
Confidence building,
No two roads are the same.