Sunday, May 19, 2013

A friend not so near.

     A friend not so near.

  I walked passed that coffee shop,
You know the one on Stamford street,
The one we used to go to,
When we were growing up.
  I saw an adorable couple there,
Laughing, holding hands, do you remember,
When we spent that entire day,
Just watching the world go by?

  I smiled to myself all afternoon,
Glad of a little chance to wallow,
In memories of ways things used to be,
And then I hurried home to you.
  I found it strangely reflective,
To be going to a time where love,
Was always first thought of our day,
Long before, you know, what can I say?
   I rushed home, suddenly alive again,
So many things I have wanted to,
Share, and to discuss with you darling,
So many ways I wanted to be near.
  I saw the streets litter strewn,
A gate needing some long ago repair,
Window broken, like my tiny heart,
And the message on the worktop.

  I filled up with salty tears,
As I reflected once more, admired
The thoughtfulness you had shown,
All throughout our lives together.
  I had wanted for nothing at all,
My life was a testament to joy,
You filled my every waking hour,
And those night time ones as well.

  I cried for all my memories,
Of how gorgeous I felt in your arms,
The way my eyes could glow so bright,
As you caressed me throughout the night.
  I remembered I've been here before,
On the floor beside your note,
A bitter pill to cause me awkward pain,
Because of the beautiful things you wrote.
  I know that we will meet again,
On a golden paradise beach in sun,
One day when I come home to you,
In heaven where we'll be as one.

Written for a friend.
Michelle Bates of Rotherham