Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Run Wild, Run Free.

    Run Wild, Run Free.

There is an echo,
Love in all I see.
One day, one night,
There is mystery to me.
Never fully knowing,
What the light reveals,
Only sure of one thing,
The unknown it conceals.

So is it surprise,
That your energy be fooled?
Wanting is the devil,
Often by this truth be ruled.
Don't panic to deny,
That true love be hard to find.
One day seeing magic,
Is enough to send you blind.

Many things are beautiful,
You have right to see them all.
Not only one is precious,
Nor for only one you'll fall.
Accept this vital truth,
Be free to love so many more,
Undeniably you'll wonder still,
As love knocks you to the floor.

Listen to the echo,
Sing joyfully that you can hear.
Fill your nights with passion,
What you want is drawing near.
Glory comes in wonderment,
Revelation may spoil all your fun,
Keep moving eyes wide open,
She who runs free will be 'the one'.