Thursday, January 01, 2015

Creeping Things.

         Creeping Things.

Upon the earth,
We, the purveyors of beauty
Can respond only with hatred,
Crimes of nature and fear,
Letting down the power of love.

As animals we,
Break the genuine emotions
Breathed into us by love,
Thrashing about in vile acts,
Taking but not giving a …k.

Like a plague,
We, the human virus of earth
Are desolating a million things,
Billions of years being undone,
For the supposed blessing of progress.

Could we ever,
Find pure and simple pleasure,
Working as part of this system,
Rather than assuming dominance,
Over what we do not own?

Tread lightly upon,
Take only what is needed,
And nothing for our wants,
Share abundance one for all,
And know how rich we are.

Hear the wisdom,
Seen in our disgusting choices,
Felt in pain, millions of voices,
Cold and hungry empty lives,
Bloodied over barren lands.

Make the change,
Don’t wait another feckless day,
To give your love a chance,
Sing and shout in union again,
Let the spirit of our earth dance.