Sunday, February 02, 2014



"I am a soldier of love,
a warrior for peace,” he said.

The man, an example,
Humble in his simplicity
And in his honest way.
Brilliantly he shone,
Bearing the light of love,
Fighting always for peace.

Great spirit he became,
Yet never did he assume,
Nor justice did he betray.
Clothed in only love,
He walked the road
So many fear to tread.

He was a soldier of peace,
His image will never cease.

So much has he been,
An inspiration to a nation,
A brother to mankind.
Father of the peaceful dream,
Someone never ever mean,
A light hardly seen.

Sandalled man be known,
Formidable over kingdom lands,
When peace was in his hands.
Dealt with fairness,
Saw hope through darkness,
Poured love into our world.

Gandhi, was a hero,
To show a brighter dawn,
A place where love won over.
Guided by a righteous air,
Filled with compassion
And a fearlessness of action.

Held in time eternally,
The figure to be adored,
Despite his humanity flawed.
Struggles made his life announce,
The way to rise above,
Be victorious against man's evil.

This little brown man
In simple loin clothe attire,
Captivated ideals by fire.
Forging hearts into submission,
Melting reason to be greedy,
How he helped the needy.

Lest we forget his pain,
The resolve he made
For us to gain.
He truly was a soldier,
Of peace, of love, of truth,
A memory that left no stain.

A true Peaceful Warrior.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. 
(2 October 1869 - On 30 January 1948)