Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why the Poor go Hungry.

Why the Poor go Hungry.

The earth produces abundant fruit
Yet millions still are dying.
Our earth gives food enough,
Yet our leaders keep on lying.

Vast resources left by nature,
And mankind takes them all.
This greed and pure abusing,
Will prove yet man's downfall.

Whilst millions toil but do not eat,
Some feast and gorge their spoil.
Then keep the excess locked away,
So they can own more oil.

Contrite and downright inhumane,
Our ideals and actions dictate:
That capitalism needs the poor below,
So other humans can feel great.

And whilst the earth is blooming,
So few receive a fair share.
It's as if we live disgustingly,
A thirst for power, no people care.

Why the poor die from hunger,
Is an easy story to tell.
One that only the brave recount,
For the rich don't like this smell.

As we live in luxury,
Abject poverty is on the rise.
Because we just don't care enough,
Or see the burden where it lies.

Who of us accept our part,
For spreading this sour disease?
Where human beings die of thirst,
Whilst we're polluting all our seas.

Who could save the starving,
If not he who takes the most?
Who shall end the suffering,
If not they who boast the most?

All the power to provide,
Has been given to us here.
So why do we not share,
And still promote a world of fear?

The facts of life are simple,
Walk lightly on our earth.
Take only what is needed,
Make abundance more than worth.

Ancient is our selfishness,
But we have the power to rearrange.
If we could live respectfully,
Our environments we could change.

Instead of children starving,
We could help them feed themselves.
If we could do without excess,
Share what lies on our shelves.

The thinking of commercial growth,
Is what has made us lie.
And why suffering from lack of food,
Shall cause yet more poor to die.

Wake up world accept the truth,
It's us who'll stop this crime.
We'd better show a loving choice,
Before we run out of time.

Poverty and hunger will go on,
Unless we stop our lying.
And unless we swap our hate for love,
Our families will keep on dying.................

Feed the people of Earth, for goodness sake.