Friday, October 14, 2011

Come off it !

Come off it !

You’re how old.?

Seems as though the years were kind,
I’m left taken aback doubts on my mind.
But if you tell the truth of it,
I would have to say without the wit.
No fairer and elegant could you be,
If I turned blind and couldn’t see.

I don’t mean to foil a trick of yours,
To hide the years beneath G-string draws.
But sure as houses you’re looking fit,
So don’t make it up, come off it…

Wonders of doctors who are trained to tuck,
Some flaccid wrinkles disappear, what luck..
And pounds are shed, without a long run,
And tan appears never seeing the sun.
Why not be proud to be your age,
Or in ridicule cruel, you’ll earn a wage.