Friday, October 14, 2011

My Simple View

My Simple View

A kind of clarity I can see,
Once upon a time, awhile.
When barren lands became alive,
Abundant precious views alone a mile,
Climbing over land and rambling stile.

For in my heart a drive,
To see in you my darling true.
Yet I’d be hoping more for me,
The days of life be spent with you,
And share my love, the best you knew.

Too long I have waited here,
Forlorn before the bated cravings came.
I spied my angel always walking tall,
But had no courage, what a shame,
As close I’d got to know your name.

I prayed that you could notice me,
And indicate what time you’d give.
Before the seasons get too late,
And we would miss the chance to live,
Never more the twain of meeting with.

Paralysed for all given me more,
Not let alone in winters eye.
Nor warmed before the fire bright,
At your smooth voluptuousness I,
Watching the world from within a lie.

But god alone must know my view,
She alone would let the pleasure be.
Falling on my knees to prostrate,
If all I love open up to me,
And controlling devils’ loosed, free.

I know my thoughts are simple,
Much like the way I honour you.
Because in truth you are beloved,
And I should declare these feelings true,
Or see out my days on clouds of blue…..