Saturday, October 08, 2011

American Trilogy

American Trilogy

Who is that standing clear,
Amongst the quiet shadows here?
Are you waiting, are you listening, dear?

Laura came again today,
I hoped that she had gone,
But come again in pain for me.

In Dixie land and fields of cotton,
Maybe my love is best forgotten,
Or love would stain and sour rotten.

What happened always undisclosed,
Why do they leave without real clue,
And just what fruits shall grow?

Mystery can always sell,
Books, Cd’s, trivial fiction, magazines aswell.
Though I believe no righteous hell.

When rain and hail fell,
Was it you guarding the gate,
A hero laid to rest within?

You really made the jailhouse rock,
Regaled in summer blossoms frock,
My fate sealed, you closed the lock.

Can passion be so easy?
Fire stoked as you loved me tender,
And leave behind you, suspicious minds.

And what of you now?
Who’s love can you still allow,
And what happened to our lovers vow?

As the days become complete,
I’ll fondly keep your memory,
Your inspirations have taught me well.

Elvis and Laura - ‘You’re always on my mind.’