Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The best for You!

The best for You!

Where my heart breaks,
In the silent breath of memory.
I know that I had been,
Loved and cherished by you.

Something recovers my dream,
Where I remember I had quit.
Yes, I had failed to be,
All that was in my power.

And in your eyes I knew,
Reflected was the sadness I gave.
When you had believed in me,
More than I would ever admit.

Cruelly now I have to see,
That you had never given up.
Yet I forced your only hand,
Leave or be ruined for love.

Yes I realise now, too late,
That you had been fighting.
To save me from my foolishness,
And I had pushed you away.

That door was a struggle,
For you to open my darling.
And yet I held it open,
Casting you to a perfect freedom.

Though you tried even then,
The eleventh hour was being lost.
And you were rejected by me,
For nothing more than your pure love.

Typical, my own worst enemy,
And I was so utterly blind.
Even in the face of gold,
Shinning upon my earthly face.

Now, despite all having past,
Can you do me just one,
More tiny favour, please love ?
Listen to my foolish apology.

You are well rid of me,
And the pain loving me caused.
I see you living better now,
In the arms of a gentleman.

I feel so grateful to you,
For helping me to have known.
And I wish the best for you,
Looking upon how you’ve grown.

I sincerely do pray for you,
And say my thanks again.
Knowing that you’ve found love,
That will not cast you out.

(To all the girls I’ve loved before, I just thought you should know, how very grateful I am now. X)