Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Delivering Dreams

Delivering Dreams

The clocks ticking, time elapses,
Standing still it cannot oblige,
Neither the hungry, the poor,
Nor the needy.
But it works well for the
Brave, the warriors of abundance,
Who challenge it virtuously,
Taking spoil after spoil.

What is often misunderstood,
Is the way to find the door.
Entrance into a wonderful world,
Where everything, desires will bring.
I find here a small clue,
Of what I failed yet to see.
I am the master of time and
My destiny yet striding ever on.

With the mighty sword aloft,
We shall slash at the wire.
Those bonds holding us down,
Believing we could not escape.
Because we see only a prison,
But never realised we have made,
All that it delivers, by way of
Denying us a chance to live.

Come friends, brothers, lovers.
Let’s not dwell in fantasies.
Take the yolk of true courage,
And pull with me towards hope.
A paradise where no illusion,
Can ever again hold us down.
Let us build the palace of dreams
Together, with our own bare hands.