Saturday, October 08, 2011

From my local

From my local

Yes I do know you,
And spy you from the aisles.
Why is my pulse racing,
Oh why do my knees buckle?

I’m almost dumbstruck,
Fumbling, stilted trying to smile.
Do you wonder my oddness,
As yours becomes so smooth?

Really I know very well,
Exactly who you are, could be.
But your name escapes me now,
As I reconcile with my doubts.

What is it about you,
About this brief chance encounter?
Causing me to smile within,
For you are such a temptation.

Your smile, no more than kindness,
As so surely you impart.
Yet here I’m hoping wildly,
That you would know my mind.

I’m never normally so lost,
But here before you now.
I can claim nothing of fear,
And my eyes covet the gold.

Sweet vision from my local,
I would let you see my eyes.
If I could leave desire within,
Building dreams without the lies.

Not that I’d be deceitful,
Of course you have my word.
But you’re not free, as am I,
To receive and share my life.