Saturday, October 08, 2011

Things that go whoomp in the night.

Things that go whoomp in the night.

“You don’t scare me,” said Joe.
As the shee…..ite, it began to flow.
Trembling legs, jellified with fear,
Let me know, I’m getting outa hear.

Stranger the noises, thudding my pulse,
Why oh why do I come now?
When only each and every sound,
Makes me stall, my head goes round and round.

Imagination is it, or do I see,
That shadowy figure, creeping closer?
For I am trembling in its path,
What will be left, the aftermath?

Courage fled, upon the sunset breeze,
I’m a nervous wreck with knocking knees.
But I have come to see a ghost,
And travelled here towards the coast.

That I will know, once and for all,
If I’ll be bold enough, keep standing tall.
Alone and helpless that I’ll not run,
From a tale of witches deeds be done.

I know the stories hide a truth,
Of days of evil sought, beneath this roof.
So I pray I’ll know their breath of ice,
But hope they know, how to be nice.

To say I’ve stood within harms way,
And live to tell the tale, another day.
Then I won’t be frightened anymore,
And show the ghouls of darkness, to the door.