Monday, October 17, 2011

Where the wind blows strongest.

Where the wind blows strongest.

Gail, she must have been Gail for she blew me well.
Yes oh lord of heaven’s love I came to know her graciousness.
Filled with hope of giving peace my vessel of love she helped release.

Upon the sands where time rolled slowly, ever, deliberately on,
I laid beneath her warm embrace,glazed deeply by her wondrous face.
Cool yet warming with her very protective caress she helped change me.

Here in Norfolk’s tiny corner, gazing out upon the ebbing tide,
My mistress covets everything fondly, my big toe dipping in the brine.
And here with all love of mother nature, I am finally sated.

A myriad of seagulls dive into her face and come again.
But she keeps smiling, showing no malice, only being our friend.
For her whole love is divine when she causes smiles to rise.

Upon my face, my manly chin, she comes again and again low.
My whiskers ripple with this delight when she could tease me still.

And all of heaven sing applause, to be taken where she’ll blow