Saturday, October 08, 2011

Maiden of Troy

Maiden of Troy

What has fate done?
It sends me here to you.
No other I feel enchanted by,
Yet you cannot, I believe,
Take freely my warranted desire.

Bloody typical as usual !
I fall for the one who’s taken.
That is to say, said ‘yes’,
To one other, such a lucky guy.
I wonder does he know this gift?

I would fret to know,
What are its’ plans for me?
Giving me tickets to the opera,
And then trapping me in the lobby,
Missing the grand finale.

Here within the devices,
I feel hidden nuggets of love.
Tempting, precious gems of worth.
Teasing me from shelters warmth,
And throwing me to the lions.

For surely I would be,
Ravaged, lost, unable to withstand.
And in your absence, cry out,
In pain, in grief, in misery,
When I had known an Empress,
Who could have been my lover.

And just as the ancient fable,
My hopes rely on much luck.
And also on the art of wisdom,
Though faltering is my resolve.

I would not see it coming,
Where calamity arrives by night.
But to be lost within your arms,
What reason would I then fight?