Monday, October 17, 2011



You know how, how it feels,
When the eyes studying you,
Begin to burn bright,
Filled with almost spectral light ?
Well this is what I too,
See smiling down at me here,
And it’s making me feel queer,
That sense I am knowing oh so clear.

The energy of the ‘being’ alive,
May be what I witness from within.
But for sure it glows precious, strong,
When I look for somewhere I belong.
Some days where clouds would cover,
And the power of sun has gone.
I know could be safely replaced,
When your energy I have embraced.

I might be lost forever,
If I should not declare a truth.
This love I’m feeling from my soul,
Shall strike the bells of heavens toll.
For what I am seeing here,
May be just the reflection of my soul.
Transformed between the silent breath,
I’d hope to see before untimely death.

So angel divine, clear eyes so blue,
Tell all you’d take from me.
That frost shall thaw before our love,
And we shall come to rise above.
If what we share can save,
Or render the love to something Holy.
The days of life have been sustained,
Where you and I, all that remain.