Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Maybe I was absent or listening too fast.

Maybe I was absent or listening too fast.

Days are coming
And days are floating away,
But it’s the evening
That cools my hopes,
And the evenings sit
Silent and empty once more.

There you were
Like a mirage on the horizon,
And so full of life
Amplifying my spirits,
Sharing the dream
Of what companionship means.

Then the confusions,
What did your message mean?
Had I lost incentive,
In the echoes roaming bye,
Between the mistrust
Or the accusatory squinting eye?

Oh my days
Became a time of reckoning,
Jump the broomstick
Or let the temptations come,
You said you’d seen
But was that just a lie?

Despite good intentions
An overwhelming sense of panic,
Filling my mind again
Like so many times gone bye,
The payment of isolation
Bringing sadness to make me cry.

All my life
I’d looked for the reasons,
To feel much more alive
Found in a desperate storm,
Relieved from the folly
Of simply following the norm’.

Had you reasoned,
How my mind would encounter you?
Was it my spirit
Being the fool of this nation,
Attached in high regard
The tired abomination?

If you’d have only,
Said what was in your heart,
The days lost
Where translation fell and withered
Would have been frozen,
Only whilst we dithered.

Escape from remorse
Nothing could reassure me today,
All the saddest silence
Guilded by some unseen fear,
As my message, lost
Upon the tenderness, upon your ear.

Had I never understood
The sound of peace and blessings?
You were my adored
But I could not tell you so,
Haunted by a ghost of silence
That will never let me go.

In the finale,
What is done won’t be undone,
I’ve done my level best
And won’t hold on to the past,
Maybe I was absent,
Or I’d been listening too fast!