Sunday, March 27, 2016

Amber light.

Amber light.

Go fully into life,
Stay not alone at red,
Pray more than green
Would become your dream.

Pretty is the light,
On open eyes aglow,
Saying, come and get me,
Know that love is free.

Prepare to be adored,
Saved from being alone,
Hold my hands together,
Be with me forever.

Once is not enough,
To see your smile,
And to hold you tenderly,
Come kiss me forcefully.

Red has spelled danger,
Green became the desire,
Mounting tensions coming now,
As amber showed me how.

Reality is such reward,
Potential to blow my mind,
On the cusp of passion,
Amber drove me almost blind.

Delivered from the solitude,
Into a place of lights,
Goodness came into my place,
And joy covered my face.

Only time could tell,
If love would stay a while,
But in the arms of amber,
Light has danced a samba…