Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Or so I thought.!

Or so I thought.!

In the middle of the night,
On a day without rain,
Light of daybreak awoke me,
In the hour that you came.

Sense of the sensibilities won,
Under a cloak of wind,
Take away my reasons now,
To relinquish or rescind.

Bright was hope in silence,
None shall pass this way,
Grieving here below the arm,
Shall take my pain away.

Or so I thought!

Waiting more than sensible,
A coat to warm  my skin,
Laying down on soft damp earth,
I’ll feel your tempting sin.

Knowing freshness lithe and taut,
Brings with it pulsing guilt,
Deep within you all I see,
A power for what you’ve built.

Take me to recover,
From the miles I’ve walked alone,
That I helped a stranger,
Or had fed the dog a bone.

Or so I thought!

There are eyes to treasure,
Knowing ‘neath shall lie desire,
In a pure struck instant,
My whole body catches fire.

Coarsed  in veins of power,
Hear not my call to go,
Under where we’d taken off,
Struck like the wind shall blow.

Lost to cries of angels,
To be fed on bread and wine,
You had been my saviour,
When you said you’d be mine.

Or so I thought!

Messages from up above,
Can call me to my senses,
Or ultimately they can trouble,
Tearing down my old defences.

Reason is no friend to me,
Some days could not be known,
When I’d fail to objectify,
I’d disturb the seed I’d sewn.

Still I’m here to feel,
How love can destroy men,
Crushed from life’s adventures new,
I may never rise again!

Or so I thought!
And so I thought!
Or so I thought!