Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Virginity calling.

Virginity calling.

Oh sons and lovers
The way of grace belongs,
Once the virgin saw
Spirit in the newest songs.

Did he love Yvette
Of the northern hills?
And should her innocence
Be lost in unsettling frills?

Elements of a distant time,
The story of disgrace,
Yet on her prettiness alone,
The tale of craving her face.

Between her legs denied,
The opening of her youth,
Sense and sensibility brought,
An unconvincing tawdry truth.

Celia who was once,
Left the mark to follow,
Virginity a simple vessel,
Painfully left alone, hollow.

‘Pon dale and tor,
Some gypsy saw something more,
And offered a way
Through that unholy door.

Flattered in a craving way,
Her body wanted release,
For the shameful thoughts,
That just wouldn’t cease.

Raised to proper be,
No earthly way arrived,
Surrendering would be preferred,
But maybe not survived.

See young virgins how,
Desire will call beyond,
The sense of reason left,
When urges you are fond.

The pain of giving in,
May not yet be reward,
Left to lie in blood,
Never more be adored.

Testing times of innocence,
Lead you where desire does,
Be not afraid of wind,
Follow where it always goes.

Silent are the dreams,
Screaming in the night,
Only do what you desire,
If the feelings right.

Once the innocence was,
Naïve in ways of care,
But it’s no reason to,
Leave you standing there.

Play your youth to death,
Enjoy the change of time.
Remember virgins how it feels,
Desire is not a crime!