Friday, March 25, 2016

Fighting my flesh

Fighting my flesh

Coveting the bouncing joy,
Destroys control of what remains,
Love for lusting leaves me wanting,
And tender teasing bring new pains.

See I clearly, points dividing,
Swaying ‘neath the sweet embrace,
Just as you reward my staring,
A beaming smile, covets my face.

Bless the lord for what’s created,
Beauty rich and dressed in gold,
All my power is lost in seconds,
For I’ve seen, what must be told.

Rising heat that leaves me breathless,
Stiff this rod of discipline,
Is it really any wonder,
For your love I’d jump right in?

Wanting is, a searching kiss,
To send me crazy needing more,
Thrust the pulse, of a friendship,
Whence you’d thrown me to the floor.

Tingling, aching, from tip to toe,
Dewey the perspiration on my skin,
Bent over is, my imagination,
It pains not to commit such sin!