Monday, July 08, 2013

You're responsible, but it's not your fault...

You're responsible, but it's not your fault...

how the wind blew in,
here a stray moments, win.
caught me unawares again,
someone in the aged frame,
a golden one, face and name.

flame has kindled from desire,
over my head rising higher,
taking me by storm once more,
chin drops fast, hitting a floor,
obviously now, je t'adore.

stolen the silence from within,
alive and poised to be, akin.
flooded with a total lust,
having you becomes my must,
before I've time to readjust.

guarded like a silly boy,
dreams take over, angels come.
did they speak of destiny,
are you really meant for me?
your eyes alone I crave to see.

once upon a lonely time,
heaven said, “you'd be mine”.
was I asleep for a reason,
when passed, every sorry season,
the light of rational treason?

bathed in golden honey soap,
I smell a love on which I hope.
tell me how it feels for you,
when wanting you is all I do,
expectant of a powerful view.

knowing not for definite promise,
I wait a sign of proof.
love and flights of fancy,
grip me feeling somewhat ants y,
you leave me, becoming very dancy.

hold my hands and run,
to places of awesome fun.
share the gifts you possess,
show me love without duress,
before I fail, a wounded mess.

tell me of your mind
some place of peace to find.
living for another blessed day,
knowing you in every way,
finding all these words to say.

how very glad I've become,
believing you, were my 'one'.
time nor space, lessens this,
my wanting desperately, your lips to kiss,
and die, having known such bliss.