Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On My Random Road.

On My Random Road.

Journey on fair friend,
Hello and how'd you do?
Come with me to pastures
New, and set my heart to be.
Whilst we walk and roll along,
The rhythm we shall feel,
Cold on darkened winter eve,
And warm 'pon summer morn'.

Life will sell me always
How, to buy your perfect gift.
Save for me a wined reward,
And hold my heart aloft.
Take my hand as we walk on,
South nor North are equal.
East and West are leaving now,
We love to lose direction.

Upon the dales of rolling hills,
Evensong we'll hope to hear,
Singing, ringing in the valley's
Low, can make us sing along.
Told of people being fey,
Is light to camera action,
Bold are legs who carry I,
Beyond the lens of infraction.

Rambling is my life long joy,
I held the hand of you.
Where we danced in fields of
Corn, and tasted mountain dew.
Slept 'neath stars of eastern skies,
Beneath the Orion belt.
I had know how good it felt,
And how heavenly you smelt.

Every turn and each new
Town. Told us all a story.
Learn we had to be adored,
When living life's new glory.
Bold as brass we started
Along, to ports of raging storm.
Laughed in riots of the soul,
When beauty held in form.

You and I we soldiered
On, when pain has sold us
Short. Kept the reason held
Inside, beyond battles that we fought.
Rose to meet a challenge new,
For it was what we owned.
Yawning from the choral morn',
The herrings we ate boned.

In all the days of knowing
You, my life was ever long,
True and tall was your way,
our friendship grew so strong.
Late the dreaming of a
Hope, for children to behold.
Still, our walk and journey old,
Was more than purest gold.

Life was the journey, and
Journey gave us a life.
We wanted nought for fun,
Nor suffered none of strife.
And all the days of being
Yours, were the perfectest I could
Be. had you gone alone again,
A lesser being, would'st I be.....