Friday, July 19, 2013

Save Julia July.

Save Julia July.

Phenomenal attraction,
poles apart with true smiles,
some catcher of my eye,
sends me sailing,
so very, very high...

cautious to be sure,
advances of heart go slowly,
laid tender with the lowly,
oh my words,
she's something holy..!

fault is in my wanting,
not at all in her,
nor in that cutting wit,
for she extols real beauty,
shaking sexily her shapely booty...

how proudly I attend her,
filling up from hottest notions,
gyrating slowly through the motions,
when she's unleashed
all love's true locomotions...

summer heat will raise desire,
some tender heat becomes a fire,
she begs me still
to take her higher,
Julia screams, she loves a trier...

force of passion overcome,
to where I lay, buttons undone,
she has fed from what she saw,
and drives me crazy,
still begging for more..!