Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lack of decency.

         Lack of decency.

Save your petty excuses,
what good shall they do?
I waited an hour,
so where were we, where
was you?

A promise to be kept,
but where is your will?
Have you forgotten manners,
whilst I passed time,
clock ticking still....

Detained by a reason,
could it not have been said?
I twisted my mind,
every possibility gone over,
where you tread.

A hasty sent message,
arriving way behind time.
Did you really think
so little of my interest,
writing that line?

An half hearted attempt,
to save some of face.
Am I supposed stupid,
no reason to furnish,
lost decency trace?

So go with my blessing,
but none of my grace.
Your lack of decency shown,
will never again know,
my face..!