Saturday, July 06, 2013

Can I ?

Can I see you in the morning,
Does your soul still sing for me?
Have you slept in wild romance,
Or a provocative fantasy?

Would the sound of breathing,
Fill your head with joy?
Does the thought of kissing me,
Offend you or annoy?

Are the moments precious,
Where my hands caress your face?
And do you go all mushy,
When I hold you in embrace?

Love is such a feeling,
That can turn you upside down.
Be careful not to over reach,
Or you'll tear that velvet gown.

Hold me in the moonlight,
Give my hand a squeeze.
Let me blow upon your skin,
Where the scent of desire will tease.

Say the words of passions dance,
Come to me heart and soul.
Let me fill you to the top,
Where the feelings make you whole.

Lay with me throughout the night,
And run in meadows under sun.
Call my name before the dawn,
If you think, I am 'the one'.

Build your hopes upon my rock,
That satisfaction will be guaranteed.
Let the flow of love commence,
And be taken by it's speed.