Saturday, July 13, 2013

He R.I.P.

     He R.I.P.

It's been a year now, since
The wind rustled into town,
Song a doleful tune,
Blew out your beautiful flame.
So much suffering endured,
On so few days of life,
When the end came calling,
But you always smiled.
In my minds eye,
A friend gave me such hope,
Whatever prevails upon me,
Surely I could still cope.
Powerfully you fought back,
But death has you now,
Took from us, blessings,
You were an amazing friend.
So many people miss you,
'Cos you brought out the best,
Gave till your hands bled,
You were never an idle friend.

We move on into the challenge,
Life would have us live,
Fortified by the certain knowledge,
You had loved us devotedly.
I cannot forget your light,
So bright was it's flame,
Passion was your mantle,
How I loved your spirit.
You walk with me Richard,
As ever you did in life,
I hold dear your memory,
As do your children, and wife.
Departed in body eaten away,
But still here in spirit,
Whilst the candle flickered,
We knew how we'd miss you.
Now you're walking with angels,
I still smile at the wind,
Never will I forget you,
For you were my best friend..!!

Richard Lesley Perry.

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