Friday, July 19, 2013

I Forgot To Say.

I Forgot To Say.

What I forgot to say,
You are going to be
Someone special in my eyes.
Classically, stereotypically,
Random and by design,
You woman,
Are going to be mine...!

In the silence of noise,
A passion beating for you.
Have you ever known more,
Someone loving what you do?
Can I take hold of
You woman,
In the still of this night...?

Paused is my life now,
The signals that will come,
Where your breath is all mine.
Look into my Hazel eyes,
And see what love has brought,
For you,
And all that you have dreamed...!

Giving, the will of my heart,
A flash of pearly white,
Exotic smiling, fascinating affection.
You have all that I desire,
And my life I'll give away,
For you,
Which I forgot to say...!

Sam' Davies....