Friday, July 19, 2013

Upset Stomachs

Upset Stomachs

the spell had already begun,
when eagles flew to sunrises.
summit of the breaking morning,
east and west was coming,
and we danced for relief,
yes, we knew truest love.

from the furnace of heaven,
light bore forth a tumult,
to be felt under every rock,
save those of my romance.

how many hours would be,
amassed to hurt us both?
the fires moved on down,
pierced with passion to come.
love me for a reason girl,
till freedom be our revenge.

pangs could reveal all and,
then there were your eyes.
sadness rose with that horizon,
burning into our held beliefs.

Orion came to savage me,
I fell into the expanse seen.
were you real or a dream,
when my hands became cold?
and have I known desire,
where you brought even more fire?

the sunset could not save us,
and we fell under the stars.
covered in an awesomeness there,
my stomach churned because of you.