Saturday, December 28, 2013

Butterfly Collectors.

        Butterfly Collectors.

Half the time,
as I sit and wonder why,
I am thinking
of a dream I've never had.

Days go by
and I see you come alive,
I am thinking
could the glow be of my hope?

Souls of the gentle combined,
loves to be known in beauty.
Emancipating our spirits we bow,
to the wondrousness of life.
Cared for by the power of how,
one beautiful thing changes,
and another more beautiful
comes colourfully into existence.

Once a time,
surrendered to the changing light,
I am thinking
of the dream before thine eyes.

Come as one,
for a place to call our own,
I am thinking
did you know how glad I've sung?
Forever have the yearnings bore,
fulfilled in only this moment.
Butterflies have stirred deep within,
creating a whirlwind of desire.
To be taken so fondly inside,
on the bosom of beating heart.
Coldness of the empty place beside,
thrust out in the heat of change.

Say you're mine,
for I may yet beat a drum,
I am thinking
of the place you cannot come.

You and I,
bear the colours of a true kind,
I am thinking
of a way that you'd be mine....

Like destiny's role now fulfilled,
the butterfly collectors have come.
To take up the precious beauty,
and bind it upon weary souls.
Lovers to become forever friends,
time healing, letting love make amends.
Shoulder to shoulder living as one,
something of love, we can depend on...

For my beautiful friend!