Saturday, September 29, 2012

Overflowing Cup

Overflowing Cup

One man walking,
So many people talking.
All that life can show,
Helping me a heart to grow.
But what I find here,
Becoming ever more than clear,
Is my tiny cup has overflowed.

The acts beheld,
Leaving me overwhelmed.
Are from all walks of life,
A simple man, a husband and wife.
The gifts they are sharing,
Proving that they love to be caring,
Even to a stranger in town.

And so I declare,
To continue walking everywhere.
Because of the kindness shown,
To talk and make it known.
And here you see it written,
What I've learned of Great Britain,
And these awesome people here.

Just a simple man,
Trying the very best he can.
To show the now, simple truth,
Is being revealed everyday as proof.
That our United Kingdom land,
Is filled with the very best of grand,
And caring loving folk.

So please see how,
This project is evolving now.
Across our beautiful and expansive place,
Where I wear a constant smile on face.
And your kindness increases the flow,
Of my appreciations that overflow,
Where I have loved you all......