Monday, December 12, 2016

Waiting for the day.

Waiting for the day.

Curious thing is this waiting,
Holding back the flood
Of wanting you,
Of holding onto feelings of desire,
Trying to stop the onset,
Of setting myself on fire.

Happiness has been shown space,
To call me awake,
I hold my breath,
Because this waiting fills my soul,
I’m like a cat on hot bricks,
Wondering how we’ll rock and roll.

Amazing blessings you are bestowing,
To feed my heart
With such hope,
Of being near you on that day,
And under the spell
That your magic would bring my way.

Something stirs deep down inside,
Blown out of proportion
Needing a home,
Where the love of everything good,
Is brought to life here,
Paradise and you, being as they should.

Excitement mounts to boiling point,
Exposed in my need
To be with you,
So that balance will return again,
When the waiting is over
We can dance naked in the rain.