Monday, December 12, 2016



As full, the sun brings its’ light
To fill, the world I know blinding,
Unable to see, the places I go
Are all now new as was the dawn,
When time made amends for love.

Romance was like nothing on earth,
Love knew only, the feeling to
Explore on so many levels hidden,
Whereupon all could be then revealed,
In the eyes of observant majesties.

Unable to predict the miracles
Of sound, breath, deliverance and hope,
The power that was, became replete
Always to be known for a virtue,
The amazing love of our choosing.

All at once, so much laughter
Broke forth and caressed desire,
A people knowing through experience
Just what wealth they’d have in store,
And joy beyond a pure imagination.

Law a thought so beautiful,
Yet as yet unknown to the world,
Would capture the total essence
Of a desire, a reflection, a power
To go beyond the bounds of love itself...