Monday, December 12, 2016

Not so much as a word.

Not so much as a word.

Empty, the echoes of cravings,
Simply, not enough for savings,
Where, have you fallen so silent,
Tragic, the emptiness feeling so violent.

Party, to give only empty embrace,
Cruel, the lack of jovial face,
Mind, gone mad to be heard,
You, seem something more absurd.

Reasons, the silence comes to agree,
Laughing, sinister, malicious to me,
Stolen, the chance for holding you,
Hopeless, a frozen wasteland on view.

Pale, the moonlight exposing regret,
Fallen, from the day when we met,
Holding, the candle to open my heart,
Sensing, the end, long before the start.

Battle, to hold onto the dream,
Dazed, with not much to glean,
Bowled, into the oncoming storm,
Never, allowing a sense of the norm.

Closed, the gates into your world,
Lost, a clue to what has unfurled,
Beaten, down to a place in the dirt,
Bleeding, to stop from getting more hurt.

Sanctions, that never slay my demons,
Clarity, that cannot endure my reasons,
Deft, the silence of you I have heard,
Listening, yet not so much as a word!