Monday, December 19, 2016

Breaking Silence.

      Breaking Silence.

Oh mercy, please call on me,
For a respite from this pain,
I’ve woken in a sweat, silence,
Because of her image, yet again.
Those eyes, a gateway to her soul,
Piercing my core with wild desire,
Fixing me in her sights, aware
Of setting me on blessed fire.

The dawn comes so sweetly,
Yet I’ll not have rested well,
Throughout the nights my torture,
Drives me constantly through hell.
Beauty held in such abundance,
Fills me to this pure distraction,
I wonder would she save me,
If she understood my deep attraction?

Chilled, this waking of dreams,
Only the silence covers me now,
In the tempestuous glowing light,
That dreams of her alone, allow.
How I’ve loved her smile,
And the breath she felt within,
Pleasures far beyond the reason,
Where the silence becomes deafening.

Whom, but we the sacred lovers,
Would hear the sunrise ringing?
Risen from slumbers weary passage,
To hear the choir of heaven singing!
On this blanket bathed in dawn,
I sense her presence touching me,
Calling me to hold her safely,
So her light and love can be set free.

I hold the moments sacred,
And have come to sense divine,
Breathing sallow in the knowledge,
One day she’ll soon be mine.
Stars align with heavenly bodies,
To fill the world with peace,
And in this stillness, calm arrives
To give me her sweet release.

Seconds pass and yet I pause,
For I’ve heard her call my name,
Across the void and space unfolding,
We’ve come to know we are the same.
So still, the beauty beckons me,
To go beyond the bounds of time,
It echoes promise of pure delight,
If we’d come to share the divine!