Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Prize Fool.

          A Prize Fool.

Who do I fool,
Is it me, myself and I ?
For in the eye of a storm
You could have not a clue,
For my constant inquiry of you,
Could you, indeed would you ?

Innocent as the driven snow,
I see no fault, no aberration,
Not a simple flaw of the beauty,
That is before me here today,
Something love tells me I,
I alone must continue to adore.

So lovely are your eyes,
They sparkle with the gift,
The magical soul of the world,
Force beyond a simple affection,
A power to enable desire, more
The element of undivided attention…

You would hardly share submission,
I dare to dream of kissing you,
 Filling your heart with the flame
With love and affection in thy name,
And take you to the edge
If only you could feel the same.

Nothing stronger than this feeling,
A long time has passed alone,
Since my wanting, the undoubted
Craving, brought me to this place,
Where the image of perfection,
Was shining forth for me to face.

But, I may never know,
I’ll struggle here to fight myself,
Save decorum and uphold convention
Whilst I look upon my heaven,
For I’m in love with you,
Did I say it or forget to mention ?