Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Reflecting the Rhythm.

      Reflecting the Rhythm.

It doesn’t seem to matter,
How many times I try,
Forgetting how your smile
Made me ache,
Seems abhorrent, worse than a lie.

Watching from this distance,
I see such phenomenal beauty,
Am I sane to ignore
The evident fascination,
Accept as reward this lovely booty?

The day spent here together,
Is not one I can forget,
Believing in loves’ karma
Fills my spirit,
Since the day we first met.

Carried ‘pon the winds of change,
You blew into my mind,
Essence of everything become divine
Holds my attentions,
As I feel your softness behind.

Rapture brings my world alive,
I feel in you is resting grace,
Everything I see you do
Is of love,
And puts this smile upon my face.

Sweetheart, you’re reflecting the rhythm,
In such ways I cannot ignore,
Hold my hand and kiss my heart,
Just say yes,
And discover how I want you more!