Friday, January 23, 2015

Let’s Inspire People.

    Let’s Inspire People.

Service to the people of the world,
Is this not a better way to go?
Filling our days with actions
Of love and light in peace,
Could share blessings untold,
Upon every brother and sister
And creature of the world.
Foolish we have become for greed,
Abusing every corner of the earth
Indeed, even modifying natures seed.
Pick up your swords of hate,
And let’s crush them into plowsheares,
Build a world where loving is king,
A place where true abundance rings.
Go the extra mile or two,
Send love abroad in every way,
Let’s make the changes here, today.
Fill your eyes with tears of hope,
To make a world now reconciled,
To tasks of sharing everything free,
With them and us, and you and me.

Give example of power to the people,
Be the change we wish to see,
Express the negative vibes away,
Create a space where children play.
Be not angry at your kin,
We all have wasted time on sin,
Fraught and crushed beneath the lie,
That haunts us till the day we die.
Grow in courage for all the tasks,
To share, not preach to humankind,
Be gentle as you walk the earth,
Show how compassion itself has worth.
Bold against the threat of hatred,
Fill a moment with sense of awe,
Be not afraid so love has more.
Blind not the people with deceit,
Throw gifts of friendship at their feet,
See how love can reign supreme,
This could be life, not just a dream…

Dedicated to Yoko Ono.

(A continuing inspiration)