Friday, January 02, 2015

The Power of a Crowd.

The Power of a Crowd

and on this beautiful sunny day,
we, the oppressed and the peaceful,
marched for a voice to cry,
wilderness, barren, scorched earth,
mother earth is dying.

were they, the industrialist rich
listening at all, do they care?
will they help us to heal,
to caress our beloved home,
and let it still breathe?

for in the mill of faces,
with a tapestry of rich voices,
we came as one to adore,
and to raise protest as friends,
sons and daughters in unison.

the day shall go down,
history has to recall fondly,
so many peaceful warriors
walking, singing, dancing and
drumming for real peace.

the earth we knew is dying,
and we can feel her pain,
nothing now must stop us
or deter us from the goal,
to defeat the abusing minds.

come walk, come smile, come hug
each other as if family,
so earth can be set free,
the power of this crowd demands,
there is no planet 'B'.

Climate March, London.