Friday, January 23, 2015

Tides of love are rising, low…

Tides of love are rising, low…

Called by the breeze,
Ferocious breeze of winter,
The malevolent suppressor,
Spoiling for a skyward fight.
Alone not ever,
This dark wrench of might,
And on the morrow,
Behold the crimson tides,
Wrought for metal guns,
On squealing tracks
This monster evil rides.

To our ears the shrill
Fear that kills true hope,
Forced upon these innocents,
Maced and flailed
Cruelly humiliated for our peace,
One never coming,
The air still filled,
By all our choppers humming,
Raining down our bullets,
Bombs and vengeance
Nothing of our love becoming.

The east we bow,
Though unsaid our allegiance,
A devils pact,
We live in ways we act.
Owned by money,
Our actions prove the fact,
We cannot save ourselves,
For we are failing love,
When all is hate,
We are failing love,
We are still failing love.

Of the beautiful way,
Sold on comforts only,
Few shall own,
We lie to ourselves more,
And die inside
As we fail to shine
The light our hearts do own.
See how tides are rising,
But not of love,
But not for peace,
The tides of love are rising low……

If we want PEACE,
then we must be people who act peacefully.
Violence be-gets violence.
Those that victimise and harm children
do not deserve their freedom from recompense either.

Only when we learn to LOVE will there be justice for all.