Friday, January 23, 2015

As the winter draws near.

As the winter draws near.

Tombs of stone blow in icy chill,
Wonder of the time my earth stood still.
Caught from founding of ‘neath the stars,
A memory of this love be always ours.
Clouding with a milk white desperation,
I’m left bereft in a sea of pure damnation.
Bloodied, stark against the driven snow,
A way was closed, why do I go?

Shielding from the storms of procrastination,
Just where my grief won’t find cessation.
Lost for reasons known not to wisdom,
Has been the revenge so cold this kingdom.
Trodden ‘neath the pale path of motion,
Sucked in and drowned beneath the ocean.
S.O.S. would leave me wanting silence,
With doubts of love my endless violence.

Bleak this house with candles burning,
A moment left unsaid because of my yearning.
She could see my eyes were bleeding,
Once a god, left wanting and needing.
Fools would leave the cup of notion,
Beat drums of pain vexed by emotion.
Not for sanity I’d leave my place,
Wander the wilderness to heal smiling face.

Ignorance can be no defence of leaving,
As in my soul pure love is breathing.
Darkness hurries before awakened sight,
Tests the metal of my reasons to fight.
Seasons flooding a star of David come,
As if by prophecy or love’s redemption won.
I’m bound by fate to suffer this fear,
Overwhelmed as the winter, draws yet near.