Sunday, January 25, 2015

Refuse them with non-compliance.

If they would bid you,
Please think carefully
But still utter your NO!
Time was once corrupted,
Where we should obey
The voices, a command to die.
Do not follow these liars,
Be of your own mind
And live as men who’re free.
Take no more your orders,
Go not to fight again,
For loss will carry ever on.

The essence of our freedom,
Shouldn’t come with a fight,
Sitting close beside us instead.
Do you obey alone,
The voices of mayhem uttered,
Those that fill an empty head.
Go lightly, never into war,
See how better we defend
The limits, boundaries, as before.
Curse not evil out ahead,
Be no-ones ‘lacky’
For you’ll only end up dead.
Camp besides the crystal streams,
And all joy this ultimately means.

Forget not hope for life,
As you’d interrogate truth,
Those words of feckless men.
Please my brothers, sisters too,
Dare to ask the question,
What does their fight mean to you?
Go no more blindly in belief,
To shoot and maim and kill
For spreading hateful grief.
No-one owns you friend,
You’re free to go,
Work only for that love defend.
Heap no comforts for this ill,
Boldness isn’t vindicated here,
When you follow orders to, KILL.!

How can power be wielded,
To gain what we
Cannot ever own my friends?
Better to be free of guilt,
And  leave the hatred
Behind us as we make amends.
Loss comes to us all it seems,
Where war and hate
Are the things of our dreams.
Life cannot be lived this way,
For death will find us all
And how will this be received?
Please my friends, use your defiance,
Say no to more wars,
Serve us all with, your non-compliance.

It is sweet and fitting to die for ones country.

Wilfred Owen.