Sunday, January 25, 2015

Make it so !

              Make it so !

Do you not still see?
Love is in the heart of you,
And me and we and they.
All of us whom embrace
The day, the flow the love
And are prepared to let it go,
Can be the ones
That make it so.

Don’t hide your light.
Build a new portfolio of truth,
Give thanks to it whilst in youth.
We can move all obstacles
If we believe, share hope and love,
And care for it above all else,
Make not our goal
All about oneself.

Be the change, now.
Please don’t wait another day,
To fill this world to overflowing.
Each child is precious,
This heart you carry is made
Not to toil on hate and greed,
But to shine forth
Peace and love we need.

Bring out the sunshine.
Ours is the blessing to bestow,
Examples of how this could be known.
Love is a gift of abundance,
It doesn’t fail, it never leaves us,
And we’d do well to make it grow,
To fill our world,
And make it so..!

For Dean and Benjamin,
(My amazing brothers)

And in tribute to all the great songwriters.