Friday, January 23, 2015

Called into light.

    Called into light.

Breath-taking is the fire
In her eyes,
As she wants me more
Than any other.
Corrupted by love unbridled
On spread divan,
Holds me close on breast
Exhausted this man.

Glowing in the silence
Of rapid breath,
As if my end arrived
At this last death.
Brought to be much bolder
Under love’s face,
She held my determination
Somehow this space.

Happenstance her eyes will
Dance on me,
Where lover’s rivers flow
Into the sea.
Filled of plump desired fruit
And carnal craving,
See the light of passion
Begin it’s misbehaving.

Somewhere her glowing smile
Was in bloom,
As all my wanton energy
Excited the room.
Begotten as one who’d dared
To bow to life,
She enchanted the darkness
As any wife.

Brilliance rained down upon
My beating heart,
Uncontrolled the special attentions
She would start.
Radiant beneath all clouds
This angel here,
Calmness ringing so awfully bright
I’m losing fear.

Changed and ethereal in essence
Feeding my desire,
Beloved by a greater meaning
Taking me higher.
Held to the power of
The rising tides,
She brings in the light and
Much more besides..!

Miranda x