Saturday, December 28, 2013

No we mustn't.

   No we mustn't.

My god I so want to kiss you,
And my heart is beating faster.
The night has been so glorious,
Where desire had been our master.

Kissing would imply a consenting role,
Of the mind alive inside of me.
For the girl who stands beside again,
And who holds hands where spirits run free.

Taken to a place higher than want,
Where the beauty is pure and serene.
Melting quickly into her eyes once more,
Becomes precious, precious more than any dream.

Touching her hand ignites this fire,
For a passion to burn even my soul.
In fact the light from within perfection,
Is the reason I again feel whole.

The cravings of our carnal flesh,
Will drive us both to wild distraction.
Unless the act of self control,
Is not thrust forward, put into action.

Denial is not such a friend of mine,
For he ought to be cast aside.
And when this girl comes closer still,
My hopeful resolve is yet being tried.

Take a moment, consider the truth,
Of what must remain forever sacred.
Despite our insane desire to become
Hand in hand and wild, running naked.

Though beauty is born between us,
We should remember to act demure.
Yet what good is resolve without reward,
When your presence has become a lure?

Live for the moment I always say,
But how I fear to act shamefully.
For honour and respect to remain alive,
And where love is guarded steadfastly.

The flesh is weak under proximity,
For I'm mad to touch skin on skin.
Would loving you with tenderness
Be counted forever as my worst sin?

Believe me I'm in awe of you,
And for the power behind your smile.
You've stolen into the heart of me,
Where my senses you can now beguile.

I want you more than anything,
To have, to touch, to kiss and to hold.
Please lay beside me in gloriousness,
Touching my spirit as we grow old.

'M' x