Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Stem the flow won't make it grow.

Stem the flow won't make it grow.

Of what is the spirit made?

Coiled and yearning
The seed will rise,
Bringing beauty
For our eyes.
Nestled in the earth
Bosom and the womb,
Fractured other death
Leaving now that tomb.
Growing in silence
A heart to tend,
The master gardener
Will be a friend.
Guiding into light
The jaded heart,
Showing this lonely seed
Just where to start.

What is worth living for?

Destined to be alive
A spirit rises high,
Founded first upon
Rock beneath the sky.
Warmth and wind
Caress this lonely place,
Put smiles across
Her spirits face.
Full of hope
The gentleness rises,
A new experience
Brings such great surprises.
Wonders now beheld
In her full amount,
To breath of joy
Is what will count.

Of what is truth?

Standing by someone
To share the dawn,
Full of animated life
Is why we're born.
Knowing how real
It feels to run,
Tender the memories,
Of the setting sun.
Being a friend
To be counted strong,
Having the courage
To share that song.
To stand up tall
And defend the small,
Is this not value
Giving worth at all?

What is worth dying for?

Finding a reason
To believe in truth,
Giving a future
For our blessed youth.
Holding a hand
Of those we cared,
And being remembered
For how we shared.
The spirit lived
In such a worthy way,
Full of kindness
Each and every day.
And our every act
We had given free,
Yes my friends
That's the way to be!

Love, only love.!