Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The recurring question.

The recurring question.

When shrapnel tears flesh from bone,
And famine welds their skin to bone,
All I ask is the question.
When love that's pure is torn asunder,
And hate grows more vengeful causing plunder,
All I ask is......this.

When deserts are filled with dying cattle,
And life itself becomes the cruellest battle,
Don't we wonder something?
When children born in a world losing hope,
And the struggle to grow is too large to cope,
Do you also not ponder this?

When money is more desired than love,
And our polluting reaches the skies above,
Have we no desire to ask?
When competition defeats our best intentions,
And companies hoard our very best inventions,
Have we not rights to know?

When Versace suited people walk the street,
And pass people dying with nothing to eat,
Good god can't we bare to ask?
When murder is heralded in open view,
And truth is a dirty secret kept from you,
Good lord isn't it time to know?

When material things are being created,
And the planet suffers by this want related,
Should we all not ask....
When people are planning futures elsewhere,
And live here selfishly and without a care,
Shouldn't it be prudent to see?

When law is forced maliciously on the poor,
And freedom and liberty have been shown the door,
Isn't it time to act?
When human life is no more worth than dust,
And the promises of our leaders die and rust,
Is not now the time to know.....

Why ?