Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Every cloud has a silver lining.

The heavens opened
And fell a star,
To earth, to live to shine,
But not forever be observed.

Pretty eyes
Sparkled as they had
Before, when upon us here
That beauty shone.

Swept away
By love, or so it
Would seem, some days
Long and happy filled with fun.

'Twas new years eve,
That fun was gone,
The light had faultered,
And clouds had swiftly overcome.

No word arrived
To tell the story,
What had happened, and
Why love had been betrayed.

A year long battle
To find some reason,
Why that love
Had moved out of season.

But now the winds
Of change are moving,
Brave enough to fight
And shove dark clouds away.

A subtle clue
Known only to them,
Who are courageous
And who understand the signs.

Power to move on,
Boldly blows these clouds,
Show us heaven
Where this star shone from.

Coveted by many
For this very precious light,
And a heart once
Broken, now being restored tonight.

Oh that star
Would not lose the courage,
To let this light
And warmth, return once more.

And from the west
Came soldiers marching,
One who vanquished
Love for this pretty star.

The new horizon
Fled with the cry,
When darkest clouds
Ventured off to new sky.

And saw that star
Her chance to be free,
Loved again by truth
Washed away by the sea.

And from a cloud
Arrived her silver lining,
Which revealed to her,
As a bolt of lightening....

Idd9 x